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>> julie: i'm julie banderas. >> gregg: and i'll gregg jarrett. toppling the news this hour. >> julie: hurricane igor turning into aonster st orm. churning inhen atlantic ocean as a category 4 hurricane. >> gregg: in colorado new wildfires raging in theer foothills where a massive fire destroyed more than 150 homes in a boulder suburb. >> julie: he could soon be the new speaker of the house if republicans win. democrats are using ohio congressman john boehner has a critical campaign issue.
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>> gregg: fedel and state investigators now saying a natural gas pipeline that exploded close to san francisco was considered high risk because it ran through a highly populated area. that explosion devastating a neighbor in sant bruno killing t least four people, injuring nearly 60 others. dozens of homes leveled by the blastith many more suffering severe damage. residents now slowly being led back into their homes. >> we will be taking the residents in as groups. as we told you before, residents wille next at their home sites we are be to assisting in reestablishing and ensuring the safety of the utilities at each residence. >> claudia, what have you learned. >> reporter: for hundreds of
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residents whose homes were not severely damaged, they get to go home. hundreds of residtsenave gathered here at skyline community college in san bruno. they showing photo i.d. and now being escorted in shifts back into their neighborhood that was rocked by a deadly pipeline explosion. you can see the scene at skyline colege. they will be met at their home by utility personnel to restore pilot lights. those who lost everything will hat is left of theire longer to property. city officials plan to meet with those victims tomorrow and offer special assistance including crisis counseling. authorities continue to search olr more victims. official death toll still stands at four. more remains were found overnight. it's unclear whether those remains are from victims who already beenccounted for. forensic test tinge is being done and at last report five
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people are still missing.ns questions still remain about the safety of the pipeline causing a huge crater. that section was given a high risk classification bay a state commission that had conductedtr audits on the stretch that ran underneath all those many residents say they had no idea it was there. according to the local power company, that pipeline was put through what is called a gas leak assessment back in march and more thorough inspection last november. the n.t.s.b. is leading t federal investigation into what cause this disaster. gregg, i can tell you the answers will not come quickly. in fact the n.t.s.b. says the final report on the cause may not bed completed until the end of next year. >> gregg: claudia, live at the scene. thank you. >> julie: iran can shanging its mind again, after calling
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off her release, country says it will free one ofhree jailed american hikers in the next two or three days.d sarah shourd has been held for more than a year on accusations of spying after illegally across go the border. her lawyer says she is being released base of health problems but only after the govervenment received half million dollar bail and deposited. here is john bolton this morning. >> i think the idea was a preclude to mahmoud ahmadinejad coming to new york. i think it was intended to show that he is more reasonable person than some people think and give him a propaganda boost. >> julie: they say the other two hikers are still in custody. their detentions have been extended for another two months.
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checking in on the fox extreme weather center, hurricane igor, category 4 as it churns across the atlantic ocea storm isig packing winds right n of 135 miles an hour. right now it's hundreds of miles from the u.s. and does notled threatenaribbean countries. stay wit th fox news for all the latest developmentsns igor's path. >> gregg: well, a political shindig in iowa iowa is serving it up. david axelrod and david south is headlining tom harkirn's steak fry. meanwhile, the republicans have a game plan of their own. steve brown is live in iowa. steve, these two guys have both said grassroots democrats can't
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work hard and can't win races. talk to us about that? >> it's kind of a look at the point. and they have a in iowa, like a lot of other states, democrats outnumber republicans. they can get them to the polls and they theoretically win, the problem is getting them to the polls. key according to one candidate is one on one contact, but also byic organized for america which is the formerc president's campaign group. take a listen. >> it was the secret weapon. i think it's going to be very important why we can do better than some of the pundits in washington. >> reporter: there are a lot of races that can tilted back, he believess high watermark you're seeing in the polls for kepublicans. when democrats go back to work they can turn a lot of electio
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ns around. >> gregg: do they both admit that republicans are generally far more excited and energized about the election? >> they do. and they do understand that and they do note historilly the midterm election goes against the party of the president. they understand thereh is that o go against wil, it. there has to be more energy out there to propel the people they believe are likely voters, perhaps not regular voters but irregular or independent that might not otherwise vote for their democratic team. >> gregg: steve brown, thanks very much. >> julie: with the november elections weeks away, tea party activists are out in forced to with a message to voters from coast to coast. this was the scene in our nation's capital earlier today.
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similar rallies were held in sacramento and st. louis. these gatherings are calling attention as what they describe big government gone out of control. we'll have a live report on this march in d.c. later this hour. >> greggg: democrats taking direct aim at top house republican john boehner stepping up their political attack ads. president even attacking boehner in a recent speech. here is the president earlier this week and boehner this moing onbs's face the nation. >> to most of you, i bet it seems like common sense. [ laughter ] >> but not to mr. boehner and his allies. four years republicans have fought to keep these corporate -- in fact when mr. boehner was here in cleveland he attacked us for closing a few of thesee w loopholes. there were no new policies from
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mr. boehner. there were no new ideas. >>regg here is what the minority lhder had to say this morning. >> listen, the president says no new ideas, we've offered him new ideas for the last 20 months. speaking of new, i wonder what is new about more stimulus spending, more taxes and more uncertainty for american small businesses. what is new about that? as f the preside wants to do something new, why don't we cut spending and get rid of this notion that we can continue to spend our way back to prosperitg >> gregg: jiang he is adam goldberg. let me start with you. the president singling out aehner eight times on wednesday alone. we were looking at two new pollt that are out and most americans
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don't have a clue to who he is. don't you want to pick a guy that people have heard of? >> it's all the more obvious, that voters will be out there and voting against president obama or against democrats. they need to understand better ho they will be voting for. congressman boehn has rich history of various things angod good game for democrats to point that out. >> gregg: david, between now and the ection, votersay be familiar with boehner who could be the next speaker of the house and they might not like what th hear. front page article. here it is, "new york times" claims that he is in bed with powerfulby lobists. he once apologized to hand out tobacco lobbyist contributions on t house floor. this may work? >> this strategy is pre the
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best example there is in meltdown mode. they don't want to have to defend an economic record they pit together. if you are sitting in south carolina or michigan and you are unemployed you don't care who john boehner or nancy pelosi is. you want to know who is going to washington and create jobs. what is really unfortunate this president promised to be a different admistration, that we weren't going to have this type of attack. we weren't going to havehi politics go this way. what we found is what he has done differently than the other 43 presidents is taken us away from the economic foundations that made this country great. >> gregg: adam, in the introduction you heard the clip speech on wednesday accusings boehner have having no plans or ideas or policies. that very more than morning, boehner put out there right
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here, a new set of proposals that would have cut none security government spending back to 2008 levels. in fairness, would you agree that the president should at least get his facts straight if he is going the atck somebod >> i think you try to say t,hi is new, somebody puts this on paper. >> that was new, freezing it back to 2008 levels that was brand-new? >> it's not that significant when you talk about what john boehner wants to do, tax cuts. extend the george bush tax cuts. you are talking about the bad economy, and last four quarters inad a row, we have had growth n our economy. we had four quarters of job growth. the president has done a lot. what the democrats have not done well at is defining themselves and defining their economics
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well enough. so they need to do a better job by defining themselves and accomplishments. >> gregg: speaking of defining their adversaries. here the new ad. >> you think republicans have no plan for the economy? it's not true. johnos boehner opposes funding government jobs, jobs for teachers, jobs for firefighters. boehner has a different plan. tax cuts for businesses, those that shift jobs and profits overse. saving corporations ten billion. >> gregg: would you admit that effecti ad? >> it's not true. >> gregg: that is irrelevant and you know that. >> here is the good thing about the strategy. it's going to give john boehner and republicans an opportunity to talk about what we are for. we are talking about keeping funding obama care so thesses,
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government isn't taking over the health care system. bringing government spending unde control so people who want to create jobs, people who want to start a new business, they'll know there is economic uncertain toy. here is the other good thing or bad thing. there will be a lot of democrats come november who are going to join the 15 million americans unemployed and see how bad and how disastrous the white house and congress at creating jobs. >> gregg: i was looking at nancy pelosi, her approval ratings. they are chronically abysmal. she set a new record for a low of the speaker of t house. speaker boehner might by comparison may sotound appealing to voters. >> as you pointed out, very few people know of him right now. wasy that john boehner against extending the unemployment benefits but the budget office when analyzed
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raises to stimulate the economy, john boehner was number 11 at extending unemployment benefits he oppose that had. >> david and adam, thank you both for being with us. >> julie: chief economic advisor offering words of caution on the job front today.p predicting the nation's jobless rate will remain high for the foreseeable future. he says the country cannotxt afford to extend t cuts for the wealthy. >> having taxes for very hh income people, an average of more than $100,000 a year for people that made more than a million dollars a years not an effective way to get the economy going. >> julie: joining me now is business correspondent brenda butner. he says that u nemployment miss be met with tax cuts.
4:16 pm
ms you probably heard, house minority leader john boehner he wants to dog for all americans and extending rates would he create jobs. my question to you , if the democrats have their way, what happens to the business owners that are making what he consider wealthy cla $250,000 or more? >> mostf them are small businesses which are the big hirers in our economy. basically, their income rates would go to pre-2001 levels. from 33% to 36 to 39%.ig torhat is big jump forhem. but the issue that they are at the center of this debate and there is so much uncertainty about what is it going to happen to them. if you are a small business owner, will you going to hire someone if you haveo idea of the tax rated is going to be up next year? that is the real question. >> julie: congressman boehner
4:17 pm
appeared on face the nation. he says republicans are willing o toote for -i want you t listen to this. >> as the only oion i have,o those taxme of reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making tfohe point for months that we need to extends all the current rates for all americans. >> julie: so if republicans are willing to vot for cuts for the middle-class something that democrats are pushing for, will democrats compromise when it comes to taxing those making more than $250,000? >> i'm not sure. the issue is thatoc many democrs have been saying that weeed to extend the cuts to all earners for at least a year. so making a compromise now r republicans doesn't seem to make much sense. business owners again are going to be saying, what is it going
4:18 pm
t happen to snus we have no idea who is supporting the cuts, who isot supporting the cuts. so it's the uncertainty that is the issumae. >> julie: if the obama administration is recognizingt that the unemployment elevate going to stay where it is for quite some time, obviously they want to get the message across before november. esehner says the top 3% we with would term small businesses and you don't want t punish these people, that spending should be cut to 2008 levels which would be 20% reduction. how could letting the small taxs cuts for small business owners expire affecthe the economy? >> the democrats say it on would cause some $700 billion of the 4 trillion that extending ald dlle cuts would do. there is that issue that it might cost money. in fact, tax revenues increased after the bush tax cuts.u
4:19 pm
so you have to look at both sides of the picture here. >> julie: there are two sides. o yvery much. >> is there an alpha dog in your h ouse reigning supreme. how i can restore the pecking order in your home straight ahead. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven betr on pain.
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>> gregg: time for a quick check of the headlines, a kentucky man killing five people in a mobile home park before turning the gun on himself. police saye snapped over how is eggs. cooked h he killed her with a something before gunning down his stepdaughter and three neighbors. live pictures in colorado, a wildfire is raging there. there are somof the flames. aircraft trying to put out the massive blaze that destroyed more than 150 homes in a boulder suburb. so far 30 families forced from homes. >> california governor arno schwarzenegger says his b bid fr world expo.
4:24 pm
announcing the news durg trade mission to china. >> julie: dogs don't talk back give us unconditionalig love, right? i wish there was a dog trainer for husbands, but it isbe possie believe it or not. you are to meet welcome one couple man's best friend doesn't have to be the head of the house homeland. >> is this what your house sounds like when someone comes to the door? welcome to the dogs welc come te house club. she loves her dogs but today dog trainer justin silver is going to teach them how to tough love so the dogs can learn not to do this. >> that is serene and bernice will bring her toy to you.
4:25 pm
>> she has been doing for years but this has got to stop. >> we are concerned that she bark as a lot. the baby is falling asleep and the crazy one. bark. she likes too play allot and likes to bark a lot and playing and barking go together for her. >> step one, show them who is boss. get control. j >> julie: with practice your action will get a reaction. >> the nice thing, you have this right here. it has an action that is consistent with at f correction. >> at first bernice isn't loving this new game of fetch. >> hang on a secon
4:26 pm
now watch, wait. good girl. >> julie:after a few tries at this, minutes later. >> wait. good girl! >> julie: the next the doorbell. >> we're sensitizing her to the sound of the bell. >> julie: but with treats in hand, stern eye contact and lots of practice. >> try again. >> half-hour later, they put it to the testnd watch what happens. how about a knock at the door? a mirac? no. justin says when the dog miss behaves, talk to them. >> you speak the language of
4:27 pm
dogs s but teaching small wordsn how to start to communicate with them. >> julie: now it's mike eas>> turn. >> go over there and make it imptant in your mind. >> come over here. sit. >> if at first you don't succeed try -- try. >> i mean it when you mean something and it's morentense and more valuable, make it more important. >> julie: and try again. >> is it. keep your eye on her. go back. hour does it on feel for you? so still skeptical.
4:28 pm
>> i obviously was skeptical at the beginning. burr how quick she was able to pick up on the example you did. >> i don't know if i'm skeptical but i hope when you are not here she will respond the same way. somebody will take obviously what you did and hope she remembers i'm the boss and she is not the boss. >> julie: to get more information on justign's trainig go to the landsf they bring top comedians to raise money for abuse had animals. >> gregg: maybe he should extend that on suses. >> julie: i'm going to get you a choking collar. by the way, i want to thank the avoi lafs, they have a little girl. absolutely prious. hopefully she'll get some sleep.
4:29 pm
>> gregg: i learned something. from coast to coast, fed up americans are taking it to the streets in major cities across the nation. these are live pictures in washington, d.c. it's a day of unity behind big government. why leaders in washington might be worried comnovember.
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>> gregg: headlines making news, sarahn attorney for shourd says she will be freed in the next two or three days. the embassy helping make arrangements for r $500,000 bail. she and two others accused of spying. >> julie: state investigators say a section of a pipeline in san brawn oh california was categorized as high risk. >> and hurricane igor is gaining
4:34 pm
strength out in the atlantic. there is the picturea upgraded o a category ur storm now. fox news weather center will be tracking it monster hurricane as it makests way west. >> julie: it was exactly one year ago today that angry taxpayers flooded the seeatts of our nation's capitol. today theses activists staged a comeback hoping once again to call attention of what they say is wasteful and oversized government. their message is clear and powerful, rememr in november. let's go to steve live with more on today's march. hi steve. >> howwe are you doing? we are on the west steps of the capitol where thousands of people have gathered for this year's freedom works rally. right now they are listening to a speaker who is on the podium saying the passage of the health care bill will energize the teav
4:35 pm
party activists to fight for it's repeal which is very unpopular here today. they are denouncing the health care law. it's a wholesale takeover of the he'll the government and another unpopular thing is tarp stimulus they say is runaway government spending. they are coming at an interesting time, pivotal time with november elections comingt u inarly part of the november. it's a purely political rally. they want to kick out of in many members of the building and bring in new people. here is the message beingg sent according to one of the organizers one of the make speakers. >> the political class here i washington, d.c. needs to her loud and clear that the american people are tired of the borrowing, the spending the bailouts and takeovers. this gathering and other gatherings around the country are the american people with one voice saying enough is enough.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: there are more gatherings around the country, in st. louis and sacramento. it's hard to tell how many, there are fewer than last year. possibly because we just had the glenn beck rall and a lot of people paid money out of their pockets to attend that and couldt make a second trip. a very enthusiasticurnout on the steps of the u.s. capitol and back to you. >> julie: steve, thank you very much. >> gregg: a grim midterm election outlook for legislation getting grimmer. here the seats up for grabs based on party. almost an even split between democrats and republicans. >> julie: the latest rasmussen reports show projections now considers more of those blue states that are tossups. theyere going to the republicans straight out. joining us is scott rasmussen.
4:37 pm
so more and more people leaning a little more right? >> it's becoming a very difficult year. it's not necessarily the peoe are changing their own partisan ideology, it's their perception is shiostd go of the democrats in congress and response to the economy. right now most voters think the demt ocrats in congress want to raise spending and taxes and they say that is exactly the wrong direction to go. >> gregg: let's talk about west virginia and the senate race there? >> this is an amazing race, very popular governor, 67% approval rating but he is a she runng sck into the fact that 62% of virginia voters disapprove of the job that president obama is doing. because of that, the close, points up by five we move that into the. toss-up category. its race that we didn't expect to be close when senator byrd
4:38 pm
passed away. >> julie: tea party backed candidate, going from leaning or shifting from leaning gop to hilid gop. tell us about this one? >> kentucky is a state john mccain won by 17 points. republicans are expected to do well. when rand paul beca nominat, it was a tough breakout. democrats thought they could pull off a surprise here. many democrats sti think there is a chance there is reason to hope if you are democrat. only two-thirds of rand paus supporters say they are certain they are going to vote forhim him. >> gregg: let's go to california i thought meg whitman had a comfortablepe lead. what happened? >> she has been doing fairloty well. she got a bounce after winning the nomination. up by three points. there is so many forcesif in
4:39 pm
california. they are mad the everybody out thereto ar are has a job appval rating of 32%. president obamabove 50%, jerry brown is career politician in aa year no the time for career politician. meg whitman has a supply the advantage in this race but it's clearly a toss-upgr. >> gregg: used to be so laid-back when i lived there. >> julie: republicans and democrats couldn't disagree more on the economy. what do at the fe like regarding partisan politics, are they closer to agreeing or not? >>no. 60% say partisanship will increase over the coming yea, ethat is down a little from last month. by the way, tde blame has spread all around. most think the president is governing in a partisan manner. >> gregg: this one i've never seen before, this next one.
4:40 pm
we're going to put it up on the scree no matter how bad things are, congress can make them worse. 62% agree? >> 62 to 19. ths is really the core sentiment that pple have. even if there is a policy they agree on, they don't trust congress because other tngs will be stuck in the bill. part of the >> gregg: it must be a variation on murphy's law, congress's law. >> gregg: water wall street entering erratic time of the t year. we're going to take how the rollercoaster markets could impact voters at the polls. ♪
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>> julie: in lithuania. race featuring parents pushing baby carriages. some going at full speed and mad dash for the finish line. others taking a more's approach. this is the first year for the event. >> gregg: they have a baby contest. >> julie: no they didn't. >> gregg: that is julie's daughter in case you didn't know. wall street is bracing for historical the most volatile time of the year. market's ride could impact voters perceptions of e economy. dominic is president of diversion had financial consultants. putting the last three election
4:46 pm
cycles and market fluctuations for a month's period of time that equates right about now. look at the volatility there. in 2008 it on dropped, in 2006 it on gained04 points. why the volatility? >> this is traditionally a very volatile time of the year. i though the markets are going to react what is going on. part of the problem people have been taking it easym and quiet time in the markets. we had the labor day holiday and jewish holiday. people areoming back to work. they will start paying attention to the data. >> gregg: if stocks this gained thr times on average after the midterm elections, generally the mid termso see a change in power and dominance, might there be an electol tsunami come november
4:47 pm
that would give a huge boost to the markets? >> yeah, i think there is some credence to that. the truth of the matter when you get to the midterm elections, people are looking for some kind of change. whichever party is in charge, c the other party comes back and takes ownership in congress. what it does it chris creates an environment with legislation that is more balanced. especially this year we are looking forward to thand a perhaps coming up with a decent yer in terms of what the markets will do. >> gregg: i was looking at a graph the last six months and last year, boy, the volatility there on an annual basis has been pretty tremendous. yet for the year, what the spdz and dow virtually unchanged? >> i think the average persoon the street doesn't know that. they are looking at it on a day-to-da basis. one day it's goo and next day
4:48 pm
it's not. the economy is still in the recovery mode. we were out of icu but we'reun t up and running y. markets reflect that. going up and down but at the end of the day, a net zero plus gain r the year. >> gregg: we have gotten a lot of negative economic reports. and unemployment rate and under employment rate that is staggering 80%. consumer price numbers and industrial numbers, a lot of stuff will be coming out this next week. if we continue to get negative tiws, how does it impact november? >> i think the writing is on the wall. i think the republicans is going to make significant head roads but in terms of the unemployment numbers where we have lost t jobs, those jobs aren't going to come back soon.
4:49 pm
cerinly washington isn't doing much to help us there. the pubc is very upset. average consumer is saying, if i do have a job, i'm going to hold on t o my money. the person that doesn't have a job, they have been without a job for a long time. this was a negative picture on the whole economic cycle. i think the november elections are going to reflect that. >> and your view on raising taxes during a recession? >> it on just adds to the negative i was b gng there but the bottom line the only entity that is capable of spending money is u.s. government and nobody is in the mood. thus thetalemate and the markets being flat for the year. >> gregg: onhe revenue side, how aboutti cutting spending? >> listen, we do it on in our own budgets and corporations do it. why can't the g government? >> gregg: good to see you.
4:50 pm
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♪ >> julie: a piece of americanort history is battling a burial at sea. the uss olympia, the country's oldest warship in need of desperate repairs to the tune of $10 million. the own to -- owners say if they don't f get the funds to p the pieces will be sent to davey jones' locker. peter doocy has more. >> it's best known for blasting away spanish in the spanish american war and bringing home the unknown soldier from france after world war i. it was one of the most powerful ship on the seas in its time. but that was a long tim ago. now, the 344 ship, the last u.s. navy vessel outfitted with sails but the first equipped with refrigeration is wasting away in the delaware rivers on the shore of philadelphia. for the first time since it
4:55 pm
became a museum, it will be closed to the public this winter. here is why. >> olyma needs a roof and basement job. hull out, and the exterior deck, equivalent of the roof repaired and the envelope sealed again to make this a floating sealed stable envelope so it can be enjoyed for years to come. >> in a perfect world maintenance would have been performed in dry dock every 20 years but that hasn't happened. not once. even though 90,000 visitors a year pay $12 a pop to see the battleship, they don't h have enough money to keep her afloat. so they need $20 million right n for repairs today and down the dline. if they don't get the dough there is a chance she could sink right there where she is docked. a greater chance that the ship will be scrapped or sunk off the coast of to new jersey as an at official reef. >> i'd rather see her reefed. i believe she can embark on ali second lifeti, as tourist attraction under the water.
4:56 pm
>> if the navy hasn't responded, they don't have to. thpey donated the ship so they have no obligation to provide financial assistance and they don't plan to offer any. if you want to help go to >> julie: thank you. >> gregg: residents slowly allowed back in their home after the catastrophic pipeline explosion in california. the latest on the investigation into this destating blast next. on this devastating blast, next. ♪
4:57 pm
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>> gregg: investigators describing a natural gas pipeline that exploded close to san francisco as high risk andu high consequence, because it ran right through a populated area. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. a couple miles away, regulators classified that part of the pipeline as one of the riskiest in utility tertory. with pg&e spokesman saying they were planning to upgrade that part of the line in a year. claudia cowen has more on the investigation in san bruno. >> we'll get to the investigation in a moment but for those whose homes were not seriously damaged the white tenths behind mar like a yellow ribbon. hundreds are gathering in skyline at san bruno to be escorted back. this their home.
5:01 pm
they will make sure it's safe to turn on the power and restore pilot lights. things like that. they will meet with those homes who were destroyed and give them special assistance including crisis counselli to help them get on their feet. 3-1/2 gays after the disaster, the officials still can't sayor sure how many people were killed. and how many are missing. the death toll stands at re four. remains were found overnight. forensic testing wereone to help identify the remains and five pple are unaccounted c for. investigators continue to focus on that sharp section of transmission pipes that exploded and landed on the street after causing a crater. according to a state regulator it was high risk due to the proximity to so many homes. many residents say they had no idea the pipelin was even there. you now the area around the crater is a crime scene and the probe a criminal investigation. >> well, they have to find the cause of the explosion
5:02 pm
first. it's deemed a crime scene because there are questions there. obviously, they work for the individuals dead. cadaver dogs have hit on a couple of other things on the site. you just have to handle it that wa ay. >> while many residents are getting to resume their lives at home, they face a long road ahead, not just because of physical restruck churing but a mental restructuring that nee to happen as well. every time they look out the window and see a scene of total devastation. the mayor tells me this community is strong and resilient. they're getting help from state and fedal agencies. and he says in time that neighborhood wil be rebuilt. back to you. s> julie: claudia cowen, thank you very much. >> gregg: igor is a monster category four hurricane pa packing winds of 135 miles per hour as it churns in thechu
5:03 pm
atlantic. check out the size of the storm. forecasters say igor could strengthen more over the course of the next couple of days and the forecastenrs keeping an eye on yet another tropical depression. behind the storm. >> julie: house minority leader john boehner seems to be playing let's make a deal when it comes to tax proposal by president obama. the president wanting to phase out the tax cutie for the wealthiest americans. julie kirtz takes a closer look. >> john boehner, the house republican leader sounds for the first time like he sees opening for negotiation on tax cuts. less than two months before th midterm, boehner says he is willing to talk about the tax cut deal and willing to vote for a deal that would phase t the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. the families making more than $250,000 a year. >> it's the only option i have to vote for those o 250 and below, of course i'll do that. i am going to do everything i can to fight and make sure we extend the current tax rates for all americans. >> boehner seemed to second
5:04 pm
what president obama said this week, extenting tax cuts for middle class americans should be a starting point for debate on tax cuts. the president chief economic adviser austan goolsbee says welcomes the president's new stance and echoes the white house view well off don't need tax break and middle class americans >> the presiden strongly believes that y cannotf after a decad e of astounding squeeze on the middle class followed by the worst recession in our lifetime. since 1929. , we cannotffor to raise taxes on the middle class and should make it permanent. >> asked about the summer that never was goolsbee said we should expect to see the high unemployment rate continue for some time, currently 9.6%. he said he i't sure what the unemployment rate will be at the end of the year. in washington, julie kirtz, fox news. >> jie: so with the nation still battling high
5:05 pm
unemployment, president obama claims republicans areo blame for ohe effort to revitalize the economy. but as t presidentrepares to launch a $50 billion jobs program, he might find opposition coming from within his own party. there is no doubt that everything we've been trying to do is designed to stimulate growth and additional jobs in the economy. i mean that's our entire agenda. i have no problem with people saying the president is trying to stimulate growth and hiring. isn't that what i should be doing? >> julie: joining us now, republican congresswoman marcia blackburn of tennessee and democratic congressman brian baird from washington state. thank you very much for talking to us. strong words from president obama accusing the republicans of standing in the way of trying to
5:06 pm
vitalize the economy. congresswoman, as president obama prepares try to sell yet another jobs proposal plan w obvious questions come to mind. can the new plan succeed and does it have any chance of passage? >> we are apprehensive about a new plan pceeding because he tried stimulus one, stimulus two and stimulus three is on tap. what we know is you have to spend less. you cannot spend your way to recovery. what you have to do is make certain you are not going to raise taxes on anybody. that the federal government will stop se of the out-of-control spending. debt is exploding. >> julie: i want to follow up on the remarks we heard there. do you believe republicans are obstructing the efforto revitalize the economy? >> certainly, tax another tax-friendly cut toe senate on the house side and they're blocked in the senate.
5:07 pm
we need to put people back to work and build lasting resources to help build the economy to come. we're not getting support from the republican side. they want the same thing that got us here to begin with. >> julie: congresswoman blackburn, do you feel stimulus worked, yes or no? >> i do not think that the stimulus work. we saw a bill that stimulated big government andtimulated the growth of gornment. the only sector of the economy that is adding jobs. what we need to see is lessening regulation and lowering taxes so that main street small binesses are hiring employees. >>ulie: majority of americans agree with you cording to wpolls. if the democrats want to 0 billion on infrastructure plan, are republicans going to stand in their way? what do you make of the president remarks, congresswoman? >> i think what you will see is to continue to push for spending cuts. i am glad to hear the president say he's not going to raise taxes on the middle class.
5:08 pm
i'm pleased to hear him say he is going to look at small busi sss. you know, we should have been doing thisag 19 months ago. with all due respect to my colleague from washington, what we have to realize is we have been bringing these ideas forward. we've brought forward iast to cut what the federal government spends. we brought forward ideas to extent the tax cuts that were put in place i 2001 and 2003. what we have to do is focus onhat is coming in what is going out. the american people are overtaxed. this government is overspent. the rovery summer never happened and people are looking forward to recovery in november. >> julie: ngressman baird you sinupport the infrastructure spending but do you think the plan will come up before the november election and what do you think will happen if it does? >> i hope it will. let's be clear. we passed $270 billion in tax cut as part of the stimulus and we spent a significant amount on frastructure, but not enough.
5:09 pm
the infrastructure budget came in earlier, on time or earlier. they built inndfrastructure, schools and host of resources to pay back for years -- >> julie: you can understand why people are skeptical. can you understand why republicans would be skeptical another $50 billion on top of the stimulus apackage -- >> ind politicize it. i certainly understand that. they're celebrating the fact at american people are out of work. >> julie: you think they're celebrating? why would you say that? >> no, no. >> they get their way to the pa jurorty -- majority. how could giving tax cuts to people making more than $250,000 -- >> julie: we're talking about small business owners by the y. >> exactly. >> julie: those making over $ -- [ over talk ] >> let me finish. >> julie: go ahead. >> democrats put forward small business relief plan that republicans blocked and we got very little support in the house of representatives.
5:10 pm
the average working people in my district are working every day because of the stimulus money we passed. if we put more none if infrastructure as president obama and the congress want, we have more people working, better bridges, prepared school, stronger energy infrastrture. >> they could have done that 19 months ago. they could have been the emphis on infrastructure. brian yound i worked to get our sales tax deductibility for our states that don't have state income taxes. that is going to expire. making thejoin us bush tax cuts in place making them permanent. urn certainty is -- uncertainty is driving fear and causing small businesses not to hire employees. it's time for us to put some certainty in the marketplace. >> julie: all right, congressman -- >> weassedax cut in the stimulus bill. it was more small business as you >> juliecongressman bair
5:11 pm
and congresswoman blackburn we appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> gregg: the world's financial regulators reaching a deal today on new banking rules to avoid future bail-out. requires banks to hold more capit in reserve. some are worrying that this could make banks less likely to lend money, which couldar make it harder for cash-strapped regular americans to borrow. fox senior business correspondent and anchor of "bulls and bears" brenda buttner joinss live. they have agreed on taking excess risk taking. explain thean basic plan. >> well, the rule and ratio are most strict on banks as atwe startal regulating the global financial banks in 1974. very strict. more than double capital requirements.
5:12 pm
basically capital, amount of capital that the banks have to keep on the balance sheet. that's a huge, huge difference in the way that the banks m operate. it will make them less profitable. the idea is to cut down on risk. the question is did they go too far, did the pendulum swing too far in regulation? a >> gregg: in fact, banks are so unpy about the plan, some of them at least, they claim could end the global economic recovery, that is tentative at best. >> bottom line, they' not as willing to lend. lending at this point is the only way we are going to jumpstart the econy. they will be less profitable. the european banki community said that it would keep europe in recession until 2014.
5:13 pm
they're lobbying and fighting hard against us. >> gregg: there is a leverage ratio of 3%. what does that mean to us? >> leverage is basically borrowing from some place to stinve somewhere else. this ratio is introduced. we basically didn't have the ratio before. we think it might hurt the smaller banks that have safer credit and don't invest i leverage instruments. again from small to big. the banks fight it in a big way. >> julie: protesters rumbling with riot police in northern greece. demonstrators protesting severe cost-cutting measures in the debt-ridden country. thousands gather outside trade fair with the country prime minister spoke. no arrests reported. the cutbacks are condition of $140 billion international bail-out paage.
5:14 pm
sound familiar? amongst cuts are slashed pension, civil service pay and higher sales taxes. >> gregg: thousands of protesters taking to the street of captal of chile marking 37 years since the overthw. the president iyendez. they are carrying signs and slogans and it started peacefully but ended in violence. 100 protesters clashing with the police there, throwing rock and attacking members of the news media. 20 people in the end were arrested with march ending at a cemetery, where a memorial remembers the victims of the coup. >> julie: a political picnic in iowa is serving up t big players from president obama's team. white house strategist david axelrod and david plouffe are headlines the steak fry. democrats are trying to carry momentum they built in the 2008 elections in november.
5:15 pm
i believe we call it "2008" not "20-0-8." steve brown is live in iowa. a lot of talk of republican voters having more. enthusiasm. do plouffe and axelrod still agree that is a factor? >> dgthey do acknowledge that an assay it'something that can be overcome based on pure numbers. teresting take on the subject of enthusiasm versus e work ethic by the host of the event. iowa senator tom harkin who says there is a choice in terms of enthusiasm or passion, they can have it. >> they can have the passion because their passion is opposed to progress. in the final result, the people will get that. and o p will do the work at getting ose. im in senator harkin's view he believes a lot of time in
5:16 pm
u.s. history, passion has been in op to six to change. i did point out one of the most passionate of all time was the obama campaign. he said it was more about people being fed up. he did qualify that a bit. in his view, the republicans can have passion so long as demoats have the work ethic to get the job done and get voters out to polls in november. >> julie: love "dead or alive requests in the background. how do axelroacco and plouffe account for polls showing the top ticket races in iowa with the big leads for republicans? >> in the government race, leading by aggregate of seac mid-teens. senate race you have grassly leading connelly by lower team number in aggregate form. they say it's about the
5:17 pm
likely voters. they want pollsters and folks that are likely tnt voters. and they point to the fact in 2008 there were a lot of pull-out of unlikely, unconventional sporadic if you will voters they talk to and got to the polls. they believe if they can spend one-on-one contact they'll be turned out in force like in 2008. yo>> julie: steve brown, thank you. >> gregg: support for terrorism in the muslim world. just how deep isit? a look at the different views yf president obama and former british prime minister tony blair. columnist argues that one of the men is right on target. we'll lk to him next. activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good!
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>> julie: a column by michael goodwin in today's "new york post" looks at opposing view of president obama and british prime minister tony blair regarding support for terror in the muslim world. he writes that mr. blair has it right, belieng that the support is deeperer and wider than just the extremists and that mr. obama has it wrong
5:22 pm
downplaying the backing terror to a few radicals. he join us now. great to have youaln as always. >> thank you. >> julie: so tell me what your take is on president obama and tony blair and the way the two are compared. >> tony blair's argument, which isn't making it in a number o interviews and a book he has t. that essentially the false tive that fuels the jihad movement around the worl hd is the west is hos style to islam. islam is oppressed. the leaders of the muslim majority countries are in a conspiracy with the west to ho suppress islam inhose countries a therefore islam is under attack and it must fight. what tony blair said it not only drives the jihad movement but a wide
5:23 pm
following. a lot of muslims and a lot of countries, including perhaps in the united states bscr tc ibeo this and sympathetic to a view of islam. irgue i tt that is part of the reason that you have this phenom of the home grown terrorists and it's also the reasonim that you don't have muslims around the world standing up and protesting against the violence, the vicious violence carried out by the jihadist muslims against other muslims. w sense of silence with them. president obama as i argue and basically i think inadvertently is feeding this myth of islam under oppression. by essentially saying here in america we have a lot to apologize for. the feeling we're islamphobic country is a myth. >>ulie: what kind ofen message does it send when the president is making apologies?
5:24 pm
to those who believe theem myth it vindicates them. they say even the presint of the united states admits it. you have the ground zero mosque, a big evented now, provocative act. people rightly protest it. i believe it's inhe wrong location as do millions of other americans. so people supporting it say you're hostile tom islam. the distortion of facts serve the purpose of those who feel they're under attack. >> julie: michael goodwin, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> gregg: britain's prince charles is laugh something hard he's being drawn to tears. the reason? a man playing an organ made from 16 squeaky toy cats.
5:25 pm
entertained the prince into tearful laughter. playing a rendition of a famous wizard of oz song. "somewhere over the rainbow." it was created as an ecofestival. >> julie: interesting. >> gregg: how about "if i only had a brain"? >> julie: from california toi new york. d.i pish you did. americans are sped up with the wasteful pending, taxpers, they're taking it to the street, the battle cry, "remember in november." a live rept orcoming up.
5:26 pm
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5:30 pm
a year. sarah shourd. her releasepo contingent on posting half a million dollars bail. >> julie: residents returning to homes damaged in a natural gas pipeline explosion near san francisco. the blast destroying fearly 40 homes. at least four people are confirmed dead. five others remain missing. >> secretary of state hillary clinton resuming the middle east peace heading to egypt for talks on tuesday for leaders of israel and the palestinian authority. her trip comes just as president obama is calling on israel to extent its moratorium on building houses in the disputed areas. reaction from israeli cabinet minister. >> president obama's request is something worth noting and looking into. there are issues on the table that will require both sides toake bold efforts for peace. this is another export which will be led by secretary of state hillary clinton. it calls for all leaders,
5:31 pm
including the palestinians to be there in the room and make bold decisions which will ena enable fruitful process for peace. >> leland has more from jerusalem. >> it's a bad sign when everybody is arguing over what they will talk about first. palestinians want to talk about boarder with the state. and israelis want to talk about security force. that's top of mind. in the past few hours at least three palestinians were killed and two wounded by israeli smelling on the gaza strip. that may have been in retaliation for at least five qassam rockets that were launched by militants down there. over the weekend, israeli jets pounded targets down on the gaza strip that are hamas strongholds. we saw violence leading up to the lastou rnd of talks in washington. it appears this round will be more of the same. qassam rockets didn't hurt anybody but a clear indication that hamas is
5:32 pm
going to continue their attack to try to disrupt things. both the palestinians and israelis seem to be trying to deal with the attacks separately from the broadr peace talks, which is a good sign. today in the cabinetim meeting, prime minister netanyahu laid out his negotiating position and it included that palestinians recognize israel fa jewish state. so far, the palestinians refuse to do so. eith sides are continuing to play out their differences in the press. they jockey for negotiating position. historically, that's bn a bad sign. the more hardline part of each government start to make demands in thera newspapers rather than at the negotiating table. >> this all starts to play out in the next 48 hours and it begins in sharm el-sheikh, egypt, where everyone ss down to meetin. both leaders including secretary of state hillary clinton will fly t jerusalem to continue the talks. it's important to keep in mind both israelis and the palestinians put things to out that they call deal breakers, that the other side
5:33 pm
has said is not going to happen. gregg, back to you. >> gregg: thank you. >> julie: well, for the second year in a row, angry taxpayers are voicing frustration on the street of the nation capital. this was the scene in washington today. similar rallies held in st. louis and sacramento, california. these activists want to call attention to what they say is a wasteful and ovthersized government. with mid-term elections weeks away they are delivering a clear message to the white c house and capitol hill. remember in november. steve centanni joins us live from d.c. with more on today's march. hi, steve. >> hi, how are you doing? freedom works for this year is over now. there were tens of thousands of people on the west step of the u.s. capitol.ta that's where i'm standing now. they are tearing down the stage where speaker after speaker after speaker talked about the nd to reduce the size of government. last year there were more people here and partly because this year a lot of people came a couple of weeks
5:34 pm
ago for glenn beck rally. some of them simply could about ford to pay the ticket twice to come back to washington, d.c. and participate in the tea party rally on west step to of the capitol. it's certainly political event in advance of november elections coming up shortly. these people want to see nancy pelosi out. they want to see a lot of the incumbents out and less governmentonnd lower taxes. one of the organizers of the event, one of the the mainsp speakers, mike pence said that nancy pelosi is actually oner way out. let's listen. >> to paraphrase one of my heroes r, ecessi is wn your neighbor loses his job. a depression is when you lose your job. and a recovery w is when nancy pelosi loses her job. >> of course, if nancy pelosi losing her job, john boehner would become the speaker of the house. s was not invited to speak here today because he voted for the tarp economic
5:35 pm
stimulus package that president obama put forward. anybody who supported the tarp plan did not get invited to speak hatetoday. that's one of the thingshe people simply do not like that. size o a government project or government spending, they want to see less of it. so this rally over for this year. i imagine they'll do it again next year and possibly with a different political landscape in washington. we'll see how that o shakes out in november. back to you. >> julie: all right, steve centanni in washington. thank you, steve. >> gregg: lawsuit is challenging the way we pass through security checkpoints. apartment of homeland security is -- department of homeland security is violating your constitutional rights, searching computers, cell is it aur case of security or snooping? fair and balanced debate next. ♪
5:36 pm
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>> julie: talk about a tough race. sprinters, check them out, dashing across the track, sporting some heels. how do you do it? yep, they're wearing heels. first of its kind in lithuania where both men and women ran to the finish line to avoid painful toe crushing. racers ran three at a time. the winner a definite shoo-in for next year's event. speaking of heels, i'm going to to it over to gregg. >> i once wore heels but that is a wholeother story. >> julie: he dressed up at cher. >> gregg: i won the contest. >> julie: idi bet you did, lady.yo back to you. >> gregg: moving on now. civil rights attorneys are suing the u.s. governmentto demanding authorities stop searching laptops, cameras and other electronic devices that happen to come through security check points. in the past o couple of years
5:41 pm
more than 6,500 people have had their equipment searched. half of those were american citizens. the searches making us safer or are they perhaps violating our rights as americans? former president prosecutor, paul callen and professor of seton hall univsity. can you pull outamera number one a little bit? i want to point out that lees is old schools and bunch of papers. paul callen is very high-tech with his, is it your ipad, right? >> correct. >> it's got all the cases. >> all theca applicable cases. you're such a showoff. >> there aree scores on these -- >> since when do americans surrenderheir privacy and fourth amendment rights when they travel abroad? >> they don't. n the case having to do -- the case is a 26-year-old guy, duel citizen with france. he happens to be studying
5:42 pm
islamic studies, right? but there is no other suspicio to hold him. they hold him and also take his computer and say by the way, not just please give us your password. give usour password. he gives the password and they hold the computer for 11 days and find nothing, kid pictures and other-stuff. we have to -- there has to be -- >> gregg: sometimes they find bomb-making instructions, leese. >> then there would be reasonable suspicion to search. that's all we're sayi. >> gregg: all the federal government has very broad authority to protect our borders. even from travelers who are not suspected of committing crimes. >> they do. on a personal basis we agree that american citizens should have privacy rights and they should be i protected. the law in the area is different. the law says basically when someone comes in to country, they give up their rights with respect to the fourth amendment.
5:43 pm
for instance, you don't need a warrant search. you have to remember that the courts up until now held a laptop computer is no different than say a suitcase. you can open a suitcase and see what is inside. the law has said and the ninth circuit court of appeals, h favorite california liberal court, handed down the arnold decision that said a laptop search -- >> and the ninth circuit has not caught up or have any of the circuits caught up with tenology. it's not like a suitcase. suitcase you have toothpaste and photos and personal things. computer has your whole life, your hard drive, everything. >> equally dangerous and lethal. >> and that's all i'm saying, gregg, y have to have some suspicion before you get in the comper. >> why? >> you don't have to have cspicion to open a suitcase. >> let's talk about the case that you cited to begin with. >> no you don't. >> the case w start talking about. in this case, what she left out is this young fellow had a passport that iicated he
5:44 pm
travelled to syria and leb bonn. when they looked at his computer they found he had pictures of hamas rallies -- >> because he was studying islam. >> he had all kind of things that would indicate a terroris connection. so they then searched his computer and turned up nothing there. makes it sound more reasonable. >> you're both reasonable about the reasonable suspicion -- wrong about the reasonable suspicion. there is to quantifier for a warrant. you have don't have to have a warrant. you have to have some suspicion that something is wrong other than i don't like your mutual ties. >> that's what the law says. >> it's not what the current law says. on the ipad, you continue to -- ew you had an ipad. >> i got it somewhere here. >> paper cases. >> there has been a congressional movement to amend the law and protect the privac rights because the ninth circuit a other federal courts have been lax in protecting the privacyts rights. there has to be some suspic -ion. at this point -- >> w do you account for
5:45 pm
random bag searches and so farther ttp happened? when youba come internationally back in america they go through everybody's suitcase in customs. >> i don't a probm. they even x-ray to see your inards, okay? but a computer is still different. >> it's true. got everything. >> okay, excuse me, do you carry bank records. do you carry every tax document with you? >> things i'm trying to hide that could be lethal to americans, maybe less. >> i think what americans, what we have to worry about as american citizens and this is where lisa and i agree. there is so much on the laptop comper. give you an example. say american college student goes abroad to study in england it comes back and the college kids like to download songs from the illegal websites. suppose his computer gets searched and he's placed under arrest for town downloading music in england to listen to on the itunes. >> pornography or --
5:46 pm
>> child pornograp maybe you could understand. >> going to defend pornographers? >> i'm not. but here is what happened. if that child pornography is charged, and there was no reasonable suspicion, i will disagree with both of you -- >> get thrown out. >> what good is that? >> it won't get thrown out currently. under current law, reasonable suspicion is required to do a body cavity search. it's not required to search laptop. >> right about that. >> that is only because -- >> people versus arnold -- >> only because -- >> u.s. district court. ninth circuit court of appeal. >> citation on that? >> correct can. i have it right here. >> i'll find it in my cards. >> it may be wrong. the law hasn't kept up with teipchnology. who would anticipate we'd have our lives on the laptop computers? >> i argue that a digital computer is like a cavity search. you being searched. >> it is. inside and out. >> in some respectss worse, search of your life. >> your family and everybody in there.
5:47 pm
>> good discussion, good debate. paul wins because he's high-tech. you have to get one of those. >> look at all this paper. >> you should see our office. >> that is another story. >> okay. julie? u all right. get ready to roll up your sleeves. almost flu season. should you be getting a flu shot or not? we have a member of the fox medical "a" team on deck for you .next
5:48 pm
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5:51 pm
>> gregg: this is a fox news alert. colorado crews let hundreds return to their scorchedto homes as investigators prove the cost of the dastating wildfire that burned ten square miles near the border. senior law enforcement official very familiar with the investigation telling thees denver post autrihogti are looking in to whether a fire pit actually sparked the blaze, which could mean criminal charges are possible. the newspaper did not name the official. authorities said the fire may have started after vehicle ta.shed to a propane nk more on this upcoming.
5:52 pm
>> julie: it's that time of year ago, time to roll up your sleeves and get a flu shot. >> gregg: last year's swine flu was a huge concern, so who should get a flu shot this year? how do you prepare for cold and flu season? joining us now,ur a member of our fox news medical "a" team. last year select people got the h1n1. vaccination. this year everybody gets it? >> everybod should get vaccinated except for children under 6 months of age. that's new for us. every year we target the high-risk group and anybody 65 and older and children. this year we're saying everybody, including the healthy 18 to 59-year-old. >> julie: does the flu shot contain h1n1 and the regular flu shot in one vaccine? >> yes. a new bird flu virus as well, which they an tais pate may be an -- anticipate may be an issue. it's a new strain every year,
5:53 pm
though it's technically sounds like the same virus, a new strain of the virus. that's why you have to get vaccinated every year. >> gregg: last year, obviously, there was a shortage. they were scraming to make enough h1n1 vaccinations. this year, they have plenty you can go to the drugstore and along with a back-to-school kit get a shot. >> part of what was good about last year, though we seem to be frustted with the vacci experience last year they prepared early t his year. plenty of vaccine around. it's ready now. even though it's technically early for the flu season. now is the time to get the flu shot. don't wait, because if we happen to get infected by some of the strains earlier than typically when the flu season would occur, we want peopleo be prepared. >> julie: there are dangers and that's people with certain allergies they need l toisten up. >> gregg: right. >> people withgg allergies should not routinely go to the drugstore and gethe t vaccine offered there.
5:54 pm
they need to talk to their doctor and find out what the options are. another option is flu mist for people healthy through 18 to 59. live virus, not a dead virus. >> gregg: kids cannot get the nasal? >> no. >> gregg: see my daughter will be upset about that. nay hat shots. >> last year the kids were getting the nasal, though, in se regular flu shot form? >> we pfer they only start it at 18 years of age, because is live virus. >> julie: i know kids that got nace -- nasal flu shots but it was for the swine flu. >> gregg: you have a scial coming up. >> president nixon declared war on cancer and today it kills one in five americans every year. the question still remains re we winning the war on cancer?
5:55 pm
>> cancer is scary, threatening. >> it absolutely changes a person's life when they rece tsis. >> my leg was swelling up so bad because of the tumors. i wasn't able to barely walk. so painful. >> having to tell my children was very, very difficult. >> julie: your worst nightmare. >> so tonight join us for fox news special "winning the war on cancer." it looks at the ccer treatment and taggals the question is this a war the medical community isnn winning. dr. manny alvarez co-hosts a special with me and it hairs tonight at 9:00 eastern. >> julie: positive news from the special. we'll tune in to see that great to have you on as always. >> thank you. >> gregg: that will do it. thank you for spending sunday with us. >> julie: yeah. it was always great spending sunday with you. what better way? happy belateded wedding anniversary. i love this guy!
5:56 pm
they're telling to us stretch so i'll take the opportunity to let you know your wedding anniversary was yesterday. >> thank you. >> julie: it happens to fall on a somber day so often you don't make a big deal. we shouldy congratate you. how many years? >> gregg: 17 years. >> julie: are you going to buy the dog collar you learned about in the show? >> get her to listen. >> i don't have a dog. >> julie: all right. >> gregg: that will do it. >> julie: happy anniversary. >> gregg: have a great week. you're coming up? >> julie: in an hour on the "fox report." see you then. stay tuned. "fox news sunday" with chris wallace is up next. >> gregg: he has with him the brand new austan goolsbee, new economist advising the prident and newt gingrich. stay tuned for that. >> julie: see you next >> julie: see you next weekend. captioned by closed captioning services, inc he one thing about smoking -- it dominates your life, and it dominated mine. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. ♪
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